Renata Pfuner


Renata Pfuner, a Miami interior designer born and raised in Europe, brings a sophisticated, cosmopolitan aesthetic to her work. Internationally acclaimed for her glamorous modern style infused with a bold yet elegant flair, her work is a meditation in light and luxury, minimalism and passion.

In 2001, the German-speaking designer relocated to the U.S., graduated Magna Cum Laude from Miami International University, and established Pfuner Design in 2006. In 2013, she received a Design Excellence Award from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and is LEED certified to serve clients committed to sustainability. As a licensed interior designer, Feng Shui expert, and LEED AP, Pfuner combines the best of technical design skills with a series of holistic modalities to create purposeful design projects—from selecting and positioning furnishings that enhance and encourage human engagement and success to transforming under-illuminated spaces into light-filled sanctuaries.

After completing a gold-level training program for Feng Shui and earning a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner (CFSP) designation, Pfuner is now training extensively in color therapy and holistic interior design with the Holistic Design Institute of London. Her overall mission is to provide an educated perspective on color, form, and material as well as on how furniture, rooms, and space work—ultimately helping people understand the power of space. The qualities and orientation of light, air, colors, shapes, and décor are integral to her practice.

My company’s focus has always been on enriching people’s lives with beautiful environments. Now, we want to go a step further and add a holistic approach to our design work, with elements from Feng Shui, nature, and color theory.

Renata Pfuner