Full Service Interior Design

Bespoke Elegance

Looking for an in-depth interior design service where most of the work is left to us? Then look no further. We offer full design services to meet all of your needs, from inspiration to installation.

  • Residential & Commercial Design

    • Full Renovations and Build Outs
    • Interior Design and Styling
    • Conceptual Design and Analysis
    • Space Planning
    • Bespoke Furniture Design and Custom Built-Ins
    • Color, Material, and Finish Selection
    • Construction Drawings and Specifications
    • Project Management and Administration
  • Commercial Projects

    • Retail Design and Branding
    • Hospitality Design
    • Office Design
    • Restaurant Design
    • Spa Design
  • Specialties

    • Lighting Design
    • E-Design “To Go” Packages
    • Feng Shui
    • Color Consultation
    • Sustainable Design
Full Service
Full Service
Full Service
Full Service
Full Service

The Art of Living

Tailored To You

Full Service
Full Service
Full Service
Full Service
Full Service

Here’s How It Works

  • Complete the Questionnaire listed below.
  • Send detailed photos of your home/room(s).
  • We will schedule a two-hour consultation with you for a fixed fee of $250.
  • The scope of work and your agreement to work with us will be specified in a Design Agreement.
  • After all formalities, you will receive two inspiration boards showing alternative visual “looks and feels” for your new interior.
  • Based on your preference, we will then create the new design for the home you desire.
  • All other details and services follow according to the Design Agreement.