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The Art Of Luxury

Art from Art Basel for interior design

Art Basel Hong Kong

Just two-years-old, Art Basel Hong Kong is the youngest and very successful offshoot of the world-famous Swiss-based contemporary and modern art exhibition. This precocious baby, according to Bloomberg, offered more than $1 billion in art for sale during its May 15th through 18th run and was attended by more than 65,000 visitors!


Experiential Luxury


Imagine being enveloped in a super luxurious environment, one that surrounds you with beauty, inspires you, and ultimately connects with your personality and touches your soul. This is Pfuner Design’s vision for our clients – experiential luxury. The new trend in how luxury is being perceived and experienced. The recent report on global luxury markets from The Boston consulting Group reveals that the definition of luxury is shifting to “being” rather than “having,” something that our company has intuitively recognized for some time.

“We love the London Edition hotel – both public and private spaces are extraordinarily atmospheric and evocative.” – Renata Pfuner